After primary recovery, usually, water is injected in the reservoirs to maintain the pressure to continue the production. This is called secondary recovery. Almost all produced water is reinjected back into reservoir, but most of the time it is not sufficient, and so any nearby available water resource is used like sea, river or bore well water.
While utilising these water all the associated problems like oxygen corrosion, suspended, dissolved solids, scale forming minerals, presence of SRBs are normal. To take care of these issues Thermax has a full range of chemicals which needs to be used.

Injection Water Corrosion Inhibitors :

Imidazoline base mixture of amine surfactants suitable for water injections lines carrying variety of waters.

Scale Inhibitors :

In house developed improved polymers, ter-polymers, tetra-polymers with or without organophosphonates to treat various scales occurring in variety of oilfield waters.

Biocides :

Different types of Biocides with quaternaries or surfactants to teat SRB , GAnB. Improved Biocides control sessile bacteria effectively.

H2S Scavengers :

Cyclic amine base and glycol base scavengers to treat liquid and gases fluids.

Oxygen Scavengers :

Bisuphite base chemicals are used to reduce the oxygen content in injection water which will intern reduce the corrosion seviarity.

Antifoam :

Silicon and glycol base antifoams to treat oil and water phases.

Coagulants, Flocculants, Water Clarifiers :

Polymers and iron compounds to treat the inlet water from rivers, sea, bore wells.