Types of Services

  •   Annual Service Contract
  •   Breakdown
  •   Overhauling
  •   Efficiency Checking
  •   Ageing Analysis
  •   Energy Audits
  •   Fuel Conversion
  •   Boiler annual and bare inspection
  •   Erection and commissioning of these equipment
  •   Descaling of boilers, heat exchangers, cooling towers
  •   Shock pulse measurements
  •   Preventive maintenance
  •   Air leakage test
  •   Flow measurement
  •   Screw element reconditioning
  •   Motor Overhauling


  •   28 Years Experience : Products knowledge, Technical skill set, Strong Training Culture, Strong Leadership.
  •   Team Culture : Calls are attended in time because of enough man power which helps to save your downtime & to achieve your goals in the todays cutthroat competition.
  •   Data Maintaining : It gives history of your unit which helps us to plan effective service offerings and inventory combinations ensuring unit performance consistently
  •   Review Mechanism : Every service given by our team is reviewed by seniors for further improvements and necessary actions.
  •   Strong Support from Principle Company : Our service engineers are trained at Thermax Ltd. so our team of experts have in-depth knowledge of products.
  •   Strong Infrastructure : We have the provisions to fulfill statutory requirements to work on site like ESIC, PF and safety norms.
  •   Usage of Advanced Software CRM Software : Ensure an enthralling presence on the digital landscape with mobile app which connect us in faster way.