Flow assurance additives are the chemicals when added to wax containing oil reduces its low temperature flow characteristics. Any oil depending upon the wax content, nature of wax, asphaltenes and resins contents decides it’s a normal pour point and rheological properties. The flow of wax containing oil through pipelines depends upon the pour point of the crude, environment temperature and distance to travel. If the environment temperature is lower, then it is difficult to maintain the flow of oil because of wax precipitation, deposition and increase in viscosity.

Thermax manufactures a variety of polymer from the basic raw materials like acids, alcohols and using various polymer techniques final products are made. These polymers have proven the different applications in maintaining desired flow characteristics at lower temperatures.

Pour Point Depressants / Flow Improver / Rheology Modifiers

Wide variety of in-house developed polymers to suite different crude characteristics. Reduces pour point along with rheology parameters at lower temperature.

Paraffin Dispersants :

Mixture of surfactants and polymers supporting to maintain paraffins in dispersed form so that they will not accumulate on pipeline walls.

Asphaltene Inhibitor :

Blend of a polymeric additive and a hydrocarbon solvent. An asphaltene control product used to inhibit and disperse asphaltenes in crude oil.

Hydrate Inhibitors :

Chemistry of amido amine salt. These products effectively control hydrates by not allowing them to deposit on the pipeline.