A Series


The A series of cooling towers have an in-built thermal design factor of safety which provides lower Cold Water Temperatures thereby improving main plant efficiency (HVAC system, Process Chilling, Power etc.) in the longer run even for varying loads on the main plant. Our motto of performance validation assures users of enhanced and sustained thermal performance. The A Series of cooling towers are also of a modular design equipped with advanced designs of components such as Fill Media, Highly efficient Drift Eliminators and Fans with aerodynamic blades. This series has common features of RM series such as Safety Platform with hand-railing at Fan deck level, FRP Louvers and a sturdy structure. Low noise alternatives can be provided as per customer requirement in KR, RM & A Series.

Key Features

  • CTI Certified tower
  • MOC: FRP with MSHDG I SS3041 SS3161 Pultruded FRP structure
  • Options for Fasteners in MSHDG I SS3041 SS316
  • Square I Rectangular shaped
  • Fan with Belt Drive (standard 4 Pole, IE2 Motor from Reputed Brands)
  • Options available for IE3, IE4, VFD compatible motors
  • Options available for Direct Drive I Gear Drive
  • Hollow axial Aerodynamic composite blade design for Low noise
  • Options available for Ultra-Low noise Fans
  • CTI STD 136 complied Fills and Drift Eliminators
  • Suitable for District Cooling and Large applications
  • Ease of maintenance as platform and safety railing is provided
  • Pultruded FRP Flap type Air Inlet Louvers
  • Options available for Cellular Louvers
  • Aesthetic smooth finish on both sides of FRP Panel and Basin
  • Single cell capacity: 80 TR to 3000 TR
  • Multi-cell options are available
  • Options available for lnline & configurations
  • Options available for with I without FRP Basin
  • Fixed water distribution system with ABS Nozzles